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Essay on my school for all exams 500+ words




 My school has classes from VI to Xth. There are two or three seksanas (sections) in each class.

 The school building is double-storied. It has about fifty rooms. All class rooms are furnished and ventilated with furniture, fans, etc. 

The principal’s room is specially decorated. Apart from this, the staff room, library room, hall, computer room, laboratory room etc. are also equipped with all types of good arrangements. There is also proper management of drinking water and toilets in the school.

 In the case of education, my school keeps the leading place in the city. All the students are near good points.

 The teacher is the full account of the progress of the students’ most of the students. Most teachers are scholars, experienced and qualified. Our principals are cultured and disciplined. School led by their leadership

They appear to be a sanitive for school-stopping development. Students are very horizontal for the Principal. Now the importance of technical education has been increased. 

The full emphasis is to teach computer as a technical education in my school. Science applications are described in the laboratory. 

The full attention is given on the game – jumping in our school. Game trainer gives us the right training of the cricket, football, hockey, badminton, lost – lost, kabaddi etc. to play games, last year my school college hockey was in the first place.

 There is a benign library at my school. Student text from the library can take read-to-read. Here’s the textbooks, books and poles, books related to science related books.

There are many trees in the courtyard of my school – plants are engaged.. Beautiful natural scenery from the trees and flower plants engaged in queues. Mali tree – regular care of plants. 

We have been told in the school that the ped-plants are important for us. So we can do the whole care of them.

 We have an opportunity to participate in the school and jumping in the school. The students – the students – students participate in cultural programs on various occasions such as Children’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti School,

This develops the qualities likely assets of our likely association with mutual cooperation. Everything in my school is systematic, disciplined, collaborative and creative.

The name of my school is —.

 My school starts at 8:30 am. And we leave at 3:00 pm. Our school has a total of 15 rooms. Our school also has a big ground, in which we play. Right in front of our school

It is a garden. Beautiful flowers bloom in the garden. We | All the children water the tree plants in the garden, and He also looks after them.

There are 12 teachers in our school, and one head teacher. And there is also a peon. The peon also sweeps and also rings the bell.

 Name of our Principal Teacher —–

. Our head teacher is very good. and. They love children very much.

 All our teachers are very good. In addition to studying in school, we also teach many types of sports. And every Saturday, song, dance, rangoli, sports competition is also organized. 

I go to school every day I like my school very much.


1- The name of my  best School is ….

My school is the one of best school in our city.

 2- My school has the most talented and best qualified staff who bring out the

best from the students 

3-There are more than 7oo Students  in my school 

the students in my School are obedient 

4-My school has a big playground for students where students play their favrouite game and students aregiven opportunities for practice in sports.

5-I Study in class 7th. I travel to school by

our school bus is yellow Our school building is not very big where

are many rooms in my school all rooms are airy andVast. and a big hall and a library. 

6-There are best teacher in my School All the teachers are very able teach very well us

7- Mr.. is my school headmaster. Our headmaster is very  good person and kind

they love us. 

 8- My school has well educated and experienced Teacher who teach

us in very effective and creative manner. 

9-My school celebrates all the important days of the year Such asChildrens day, Teachers day,Mother’s day, Independence dayRepublic day etc in a grand manner 

10- My class teacheris very well educated and they teach us very well and follow school discipline

11- Our teacher always motivates us to take part in the sports activity, Quiz Competition and group discussion

12-In the school Weak students give special classes for their study improvement


My school library

The library of my School is very big. Library is also home of books where there are a lot of books.

our school library is beautiful and clean.Wherever every book is in its proper place.

Whenever we go to the library, then we read many books of stories on it and some books some times take home too. 

I love reading Hindi and English books. Our School Librarian is very good.

Everyone in the library reads books peacefully.I want to sit in my library and read it. All of us must read books peacefully in the library.

There are many books of dramas, stories, riddles in our library of school and all kinds of knowledge books also. We get the chance to go to the Library twice a week.

Every school has a library.It has books on various subjects. There are newspapers, journals and magazines also.

Students sit there and read newspapers in English and Hindi. The calm and quite atmosphere of the library helps the students to work attentively.


My school annul function

Every year Annual day function is held in our

school. We are waiting for this annual function day.

This year our Annual function held on 5th Feb.We decorated our school

with flowers & Lights.

 There is a stage built in our school playground. Seats arrangement for parents, students and guests. SSP of our city is the chief guest in our annual function.

First of all opening song sung by girls. In this functions competition were held dance, songs, debate,essay writing, drawing.

Then prize distributed by SSP City. He gave us a short speech.

 In the annual functions parents also meet the teachers and know about their school education. At the last, our Principal Thanks to our guest and National anthem was sung by the school students.

 We enjoyed our annual function very much.


My school picnic or tour

 Our City Park is very famous for its beautiful flowers. Several People go there for a picnic.

Every student of my class decided that we all will go to the park for a picnic.

 we all decided to get up early in the morning. Then we went to the market for purchasing some cakes and biscuits.

 We also purchased some cold drinks. Then we packed all the things in our school bags. 

Our School bag was full of things. We went to the park in our school bus.

 There we played Kabadi and Kho- Kho. After that

we played the music and danced with all our friends.

We had spent very beautiful time in the park.

Thus, we enjoyed our school picnic.

 We went  for picnic  near park or gardens  our school.

We were asked to carry some food. Some of us carried fruits,  dry fruits colddrinks chips namkins samosa home made food some carried cakes, and some carried snacks. We also took along bats  football badmintons ludo , balls, and other games. and mat of sitting camera for photoshoot

 I will never forget this picnic, as this was the first time that I went for a picnic with my school friends and had great fun.


My school morning assembly 

The act of morning assembly is not very new in gurukula as well as for us because it is part of our tradition .

All the students used to gather,meditate and discuss the daily routine in those assemblies.

Almost all school,every  morning students and teachers assemble at one place for the morning assembly

all  school students and teachers  knows the importance of morning assembly.

morning assembly time  students from different classes stand together.

This develops a feeling of connection and unity among the


though morning assembly students understand the school importance and curriculum more clearly. stand together along with the senior and junior students school teachers, principal and support staff.

The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive,energy for whole school, school culture which binds everyone together.

School assembly helps building a culture of communication and representation of academic and  good activities.

The main  plan of the school assembly is to develop or rise a thought of unity among all the students and teacher. and rises positive thoughts in students mind

all school, morning assemblies are a must thing to begin the day for school

We need to integrate the knowledge with the outside world.

Remember the school is a small  and world is a very big school Morning assembly also provides physical.mental exerCISe

for the students.

At last we can say that a morning assembly is the physical.mental,and spiritual preparation before beginning the studies at school.


 My school headmaster

My school head master name is —

He is highly qualified and well educated

He encourages students to study more and more.his

behaviour is excellent

he Supervises and control school activities.

He maintains good discipline in the school.

he goes round every class 

he meets the parents.He is very hard working and dutiful

We all us  proud of him. in future our school progress under his charge he do best to make my school an ideal institution.

He will give special attention to discipline because a school cannot function smoothly without discipline.  he provided Us many variety of books to inspire

he also provide Us Smart Classes and modern languages every class room  for all students. 

he has friendly relation to all the students. So that every student becomes a scholar.


My school best friend

I have a true friend and  Finding True Friend is very difficult in this world. He is smart and good looking. 

we met each other in the vth Class.  He is very hard Working.

He wears clean uniform in the school. He come school on time.

He is one of the best students of our class. We sit together in the classroom in first bench  and share everything to each other

very happily without any problem.

He respects all teachers. He is also a good player of chess. He is very kind and good in his study. 

He always stand first position in the class.

He studies in my class. We go to school together.

We also sit together to do our home work.

He is good at studies and helps the students who are weak in studies.

.He obeys and respects his teachers and parents.

He is good at games. He has won many prizes for our school.

He comes from a middle-class family.


My school republic day

Republic Day is an important national festival of India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country on 26th January. Republic means that the people of the country have the right to elect their leaders to lead the country.

On 15 August 1949, our country of India was liberated from British rule, although the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950.  

Republic Day is celebrated in all schools and offices in India.  On this day a grand ceremony is held at Rajpath New Delhi. Here the President of India unfurls the National Flag and a grand parade is organized which shows the culture and conservation potential of India.

Enthusiasm is seen all over India on this day.  The echo of songs of patriotism is heard from place to place.  People wish each other on Republic Day.

As a result of the sacrifices of millions of people, our country became independent on 15 August 1947, but the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 and the term of Governor General from the Government of India ended on Republic Day. So in the correct words 26 January 1950

India became an independent state.

On 26 January, Republic Day celebration was celebrated with pomp in every village and town.

Goes but its beauty is worth seeing in the capital of India.  A large number of people visit Rajpath to see this festival.

The students and students of the city salute the President. Tableau and folk dance of the progress of different regions

Is the center of attraction.

Brave children are placed on respectfully adorned elephants.  At night the Rashtrapati Bhavan is decorated with lights. Republic Day teaches us to maintain the unity and independence of the nation. We should celebrate this day in a proud way.  Us your country

 Proud of  Jai Hind .  .

Essay on my school teachers day

Teachers ‘ Day is celebrated with enormous enthusiasm  in various schools across India on the 5th of September each year . It is a day to pay respect to the teachers and thank them for their efforts and hard work guideness they put in every day in every class, all round the year to alimentation the students . 

Every school  celebrates teachers day with different activities to celebrate this special day . like singing danching speech and so on  Some of the common activities that form a part of the Teachers ‘ Day celebration in schools include enacting the part of one ‘ s favorite teacher , dance performances , skits and fancy dress competitions . The teachers are made to sit cosily  as bystander while the students give these performances to amuse them and add joy to this special day . and teachers give a lot of blessed for student future

To add to the fun element , teachers are made to play games such as passing the parcel  singing and dancing statue . This creates an atmosphere of joy and laughter . Some schools also organize activities that allow the teachers and students to participate together and work as a team . 

Teachers ‘ Day is evidently the day which offers a respite from the earthbound school routine and gives the opportunity to indulge in light joyful activities . It is a great time to senction the student teacher bond . and arises in student a lot of respect for teachers


My school independence day

Independence Day is very important in the life of Indians because today this day our country got independence from the British, who ruled the country for many years.  15 On August 1947, India was freed from British rule, so on August 15, independence The day is celebrated as

This day reminds us of the sacrifice – of our freedom fighters.  On this day various programs are organized all over the country. Parade in Delhi and State Capital Are held.  

On this occasion, the Prime Minister of our country, our Red Fort Waving the national flag.

Many people gather in Delhi to watch the parade.  The freedom fighters of our country sacrificed their lives to end British rule in India. 

Every year when we celebrate this day, we remember their sacrifice and speeches are made and national anthem is also sung.

This day makes us sacrifice our lives for the honor and integrity of our country Motivates to give.  Though India is free from British rule but many like corruption, injustice etc.

There are other problems. This Independence Day to everyone – promising to end these problems and become better citizens needed .  

We are the future of India.  _ _ And we all develop our country

Many to get freedom for IndiamFreedom fighters die  Was lost. Freedom fighters

After the hard struggle of India, India was liberated from British rule.  From then till today on 15th august we

Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day is a national holiday in India.  A day before this, the President of India addresses the country.  Which is also shown in many TV channels along with radio. Prime Minister Lal every year on Independence Day Tricolor is hoisted on the fort.

Schools, colleges and offices are also celebrated with enthusiasm on this day.

The chief guest hoists the national flag and then the national anthem is played.  Cultural programs are organized and sweets are served.



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