PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Di Napoli

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PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Di Napoli

Escher on show at the Naples PAN: the works of a visionary genius and his artistic heirs.

The PAN – Palazzo delle Arti in Naples has hosted the exhibition on Escher, with works by the Dutch artistic genius and its natural successors.
Since 1 November 2018 al 22 April 5 Maggio 2019, PAN – Palace of Arts di Naples has hosted a exhibition on Escher. The Dutch genius was the main protagonist of over five months under the banner of numerous works of art with a strong geometric and mathematical imprint.

” The exhibition that has broken all attendance records in recent years and was also held in Naples for the first time: from 1 November 2018 to 29 July 2019, PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Di Napoli is hosting the major retrospective Escher. “

    Long lines of visitors to have a look at the M.C. Eschers exhibition held in Naples. More then 465.000 fans attended